days away – knows my name (dado) 歌詞


she is over satisfied with the limit of this skyline
and i’m over satisfied with being here.
she sits on the edge of her seat
and asks me outrageous things
about who i was and what i wanted to be.
she must have read my mind cause i’ve been waiting for this.
now i’ve just blown my mind. but i feel fine.
she wears a sparkle on her left cheek
when she lifts her lips and shows her teeth.
i’m wondering why a girl like her is sitting here with me.
ever since last sat-rday, i’ve been thinking about what to say.
and all i can do is hope for the best.
i’ll sit alone this time and spend an hour by the phone.
i wish you would call to save me.
she knows my name and i’ve forgotten what to say.
she knows my name.
now take this, put it in your hand,
well turn around, but don’t forget again.

- days away