days of yore – gathering clouds 歌詞


venturing in the wilderness as he did a thousand times before,
seeking rare plants that could not be found in the woods of the kingdom.
the old mage, unwary and reckless, went a little bit too far.
luck was not with him this time, he chanced upon the lord of the dark.

soon surrounded by a bunch of demons, the old man was captured.
then he was led to the clan’s lair under mischievous laughter.
facing the evil one himself, the weak mage did not resist.
the vile creature invaded his thoughts, then possessed his spirit.

sneaking into the dead of night, under the charm of an evil force,
the old mage went back to syrakia to achieve his sinister job.
like a thief, he moved amongst the shadows until the crypt he reached.
he robbed the crystal of light and brought it to the lair of the beast.

looking at the gleamless crystal, the lord wore a wicked smile.
and as he waved the gem over his head, arose ardent cries.
powerless, the old man contemplated this ominous scene.
of what was to follow, nothing good he could foresee.

gathering clouds over syrakia, sinister shadows over the castle.
deprived of the protection of the gods, syrakia, now prepare for battle.

abandoned in the darkness of a festering dungeon,
the old mage undertook to find a way toescape from his dreadful fate.
using his psychic power,
he compelled a nearbycreature to come and unlock the gate that blocked his way.
he fixed the weakly-minded being with an hypnotic glance and drew
its attention on his fingers,
that were all surrounded by a ring.
dazzling sparks of light flew from the enchanted rings and flashed in the darkness,
mystifying the trembling creature and tracing the wayto freedom…

- days of yore