dead moon – d.o.a. 歌詞


into dark waters flow – bad dreams of long ago
children who never knew – what doors would open to
flights taking weary souls – life shakes of bitter cold
love tears on golden sh-r-s – teenaged, no more
what made you take the trip
how could you go so quick
out through the open door
i wish i’d loved you more
d. o. a.
pure as the driven snow – innocence now quickly goes

hard pressed between the folds – inside the overcoat
warm hearts and homeless bound – beware the city sound
lying there below the street – broken, hard and beat
in cries of angels fall – in time you hear them all
each face a deeper down – each heard a highway sound
bound for the twilight flash – in tears the blinding match
a moments flame now cold – i knew her long ago

- dead moon