debbie gibson – kisses 4 one 歌詞


livin’ in a world where love is deadly
maybe we should look back
what went wrong?
temptation took us all for a ride
love was made to the beat of a perfect song
chances are, it wasn’t love at all
chances are, the rewards were not great but small
yet in a selfish time even the strong don’t survive
well i’m lucky to be alive and lovin’ you

kisses 4 one
lovin’ for only you
kisses 4 one
for my one and only
kisses 4 one
gonna love only you
all my kisses are 4 one
for you tonight

little baby grownups in rehearsal
luckily they know what’s up ahead
luxuries this day and age could not buy
yellow, white, black, brown all seeing red
don’t you know, l-st is not love at all
don’t you know, the rewards are not great but small
that’s why i kinda feel it should be only you
well i’m oh so happy, here’s what i’m gonna do


all my love is with you
go and tell the world
i am always oh so
happy to be alive and lovin’ you

- debbie gibson