deinonychus – in mesopotamia 歌詞


your visit came to me as a pleasant surprise.
what is it that you want from me?
i have died and been buried!
your offer… being an endowment;
walking hand in hand.
does this mean i’ll rise again from this bone-collected earth?
i’ll give you back what once was mine, you’ll give me back what once was yours.
we shall see again, bleed again, walk again; regain the pain.
let us go now, i’m so lonely up here…
my eyes are burned by the sun.
i start over where my life begun.
the world turns, there is night and day.
in babylon we’ve been taught to pray.
i enjoy the falling rain, but who’s carrying my burden of pain?
i want to go back in the earth again.
close the window, and let the sun go home.
but now there’s you: nemesis.
now i’m sitting here, indicting this all down.
naked i am… for all those years.
my soma turned to dust; my bones, useless at all.
i’ll rest in the arms of morpheus.

- deinonychus