deinonychus – the awakened 歌詞


sorrow is the path i’m doomed to wander, in
this hunger for blood!
a cold unlife i never desired, for the endless
nights drag on!
the night! the night

at first i would not believe this was for
real, so i cut myself but no blood fell
all recollection of past life gone, the taste
and smell of the daylight world
fear, fear

last view of daylight!
i haunt the night!
in a coffin i hide!

“come to feed my uncontrolled desire, my
precious beauty
i’ll grant you a gift you’ll not see in this
a walk through the labyrinth of eternity
close your eyes, you’ll soon awake in

lies, lies!

one by one they died, all those who were my
living in h-ll i call this, cursed with pain
and bitterness!

can’t look at the sun!
to darkness reborn!
for my life i mourn!

- deinonychus