demiurg – travellers of the vortex 歌詞


gathered to make the horrendous done,
chanting the words to invoke the ancient ones

the morbid fog covers the earth,
sentinent mist of ages
from crypts below the ooze,
of a thousand aeons

open the gates to the fourth dimension,
let the vortex spill into this world
maelstrom directing the overlords,
towards the heaving earth

inside these temple walls,
kingdoms rise and aeons fall
the walls bleed blood,
jet black fuel for the altar

in the circle of ritual, open veins bring power;
the ones from above,
overload of human measures brings the gate

invoking the spirits of another realm,
horrible masters of the dead

and in the aftermath,
the earth lay smoking dead…
ruled by new masters,
from the fourth dimension

- demiurg