demoncy – abysmal shores of the darklands beyond the sun 歌詞


the waters rage upon the abysmal sh-r-s
in the dark lands beyond the sun
upon the waters sail obsidian ships
as black as the darkest night
dark robed figures guide these vessels
through the open seas
bringing eternal night to all that they see
their souls as dark as the endless abyss
their open eyes black and devoid of life
hateful and cruel their gaze as cold as death
dark clouds gather above
cloaking them in the ominous black of night
unseen by the warriors of light
that sail on golden ships from heavenly sh-r-s
the ships collide with the sound of breaking thunder
dark creatures from the deepest depths
slither through the churning black waters
their horrible forms visible just below the surface
as the golden bows of the holy ships
sink into the endless depths
the dark clouds recede
as the moon’s light shines upon the endless seas
now turning red with the blood of the holy

lyrics: ixithra, lord of the sylvan shadows and synvorlath, lord of the ancient moon

- demoncy