demonic christ – passing of the storms 歌詞


birth, born into pain
blackened blood runs thick
ancient memories of one before
of the storms that p-ssed with their rage
dark seasons of the rain
washing away of the earth
i can see beyond infinity
blackness devours the sky
i raise my sword to the dead and i command
destroy those who slaughtered us
i hear all the cries
as the wicked spread their mighty wings
guided by the darkness
deliver me unto forgotten lands
i am king of my world
reclaiming my right to the throne
shadows of the ancients
suffocate the earth with rain
clouded skies surround us
reopening the p-ssage of time
set the world aflame they rule again
the scent of burning mortals now begins
kingu’s blood earth – barren waste
infinity dimensions woven worlds
cast in the cosmos dominion of the lords
opening the gateways to countless unknown spheres
blast of light traveling through blackness
humans will never conceive the p-ssing of the storms

- demonic christ