demonic christ – slaughter the sheeple 歌詞


f-ck christ!
too weak to think for yourself
too meek to deal with reality
believing in the mendacity you’re fed
blind leading the blind
congregation of ignorance
a life wasted on a false prophet
spreading it’s disease, the plague of god
the sheeple will be slaughtered
repenting in their ways
demons of the abyss i command you to use your power
set yourselves free
the gateway to earth is open
in nomine satanas lucifer excels his day
in the name of our most exalted god, satan, lucifer
i command thee to come forth
come forth, and bestow the blessings of h-ll upon us
gorgo, mormo, thousand faced moon
look favorably upon our sacrifices
hail satan! shemhamforash!
slaughter the sheeple lyrics
ave satanas! shemhamforash!

- demonic christ