deranged – thrill kill 歌詞


[music: j. axelsson, r. werm©n / lyric: j. anderberg]

cold and methodical
selfmade – superior
enslaved by sin
survive in blood
i aim to kill

cold and methodical
selfmade – superior

nailed down
scarred for – life

this rotten world i rule
set filth on fire
overt and calculating
kill for the thrill
revise and control me
become my acts
i see what you can be
in my dominion

convulse, nailed to the floor
scarred for life
killed in captivity
watch myself die

thrill kill

i sold my soul to the demon
become the slave
my acts enlightened by god
no price for pride
intense and disgruntled
my heart is black
i’m armed with stainless steel
i hate the world itself

thrill kill

- deranged