desultory – the chill within 歌詞


you yearn for the sleep that will never come
you cry out for relief
visions of a future that you’ll never see
memories of the past
traces of sanity is soon to be gone
confusion is all around
truing to seek new ways out of this
only to fail once again

the illumination is a false betrayal
you fall deep into the mind that will destroy you
dying seems to be the only way to end it
try to clear your blurry sight but there is no use

suffer day and night
slowly my mind will collapse
fearing the last day of life

darkness is falling inside your mind
loosing your last hope
you’ll have to go far beyond the veils of life
to find the truth
you stare into the past and try to understand
the answers disappear
lost in yourself there’s no way to get out
slowly you’ll fade away


suffer day and night
fearing the last day of life

- desultory