dethlehem – yagolith 歌詞


hold your breath and we approach the gate
place the corpse upon the stone
to show the true path through the void
heads on spikes
await our demise
yet they not know, that we are the ruiners of dethlehem

in the town square, armies of the dead. are waiting
yet they not know, ruiners of dethlehem they must fear

bovice did reach down and fetch his blade, the
broadsword now glowed in
furious haste
he removed their limbs, in a gory blast, his bodyguards
were no match
the 3 lay now before our feet, now we face our true
face our enemy

the king does laugh
descending from his throne and the crown doth glow
standing upon his mound he approaches now

and he did turn into the dragon form, he grew to
glorious heights,
crushing the land from he born
bovice faced him, his own eyes glowing out the demon
he did rise up from this underground, follow the blade
into the town

destroy him now

destroyer of the land, we’ve come to claim your head

plunge the blade into his watchful eye, and claim the
glowing skull which
holds its only power now

claim the skull

skies return to their former wonder, dawn is all but
rising now
collect the skull, not as a trophy, but remember those
that now lay dead
the journey home will all but be short, yet we now know
that time not matters
for as one has fallen now before us, another shall rise
to face our steel

this journey has come to an end

- dethlehem