devilyn – kingdom of the blind 歌詞


the downward spiral of a throwaway world, trapped beneath a steel sky. across the land
the sixth extinctions at hand, cause and effect in a land of fools. the blind leading
the blind, their eyes filled with desire. humanity sold out, for all they can acquire.
a result of forward thinking; an obstinate normality. if one can control thought,
then one can shape reality

what is the price for flesh and sinew? holding human life in cheap regard
empty sh-lls to be used as tools and obey the rules in this land of fools

concealed within the ivory tower; dankly tarnished through atmospherics. hierarchs
head a colony where truth and justice are mere esoterics. building machines to work
like men, and moulding men who act like machines. this hegemony has ensured that the
ends always justify the means

in the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king

the meat puppets will still serve; possessing no clear self-rule, their bodies are
machinery; unquestioned obedience, the fuel. vessels without personality,
force-fed an unending reel of rhetoric, the crowd consume the filth they’re fed
and remain moronic. everything they know is a careful construct, created by
minds superior to their own. in the kingdom of the blind, an eye can render
others might-less. by taking an eye for an eye, humanity is sightless.

- devilyn