dgm – guiding light 歌詞


once in a land of devils and sands
i saw the gift of the desert
lost in a time of desperate cries
i heard the sound of innocence
(angels) you taught me to fly
(music) you got me alive
i’m the water falling from
the mountain stream, let me reach the sea
i’m the one who can hear

angel calling in my kingdom fallin
through the distance called reality
messengers of future they will bring the truth,
those words are drops of destiny

here they come, softly dancing on the wall
i can hear them singing, smiling from above
(frozen) i’m trapped in the ice
(deafened) don’t leave me inside
light the road, light my beliefs
let me see: i’m trying to break the seal

there will be a time
when we all see the guiding light
there’s an energy that unites

black and white and wrong and right
and for whom are following the stars
the prophecy will brigthly shine
then concidences will drive us
to this invisible sun
on a strange night of july
under a frightning sky
and there all of us will understand
the voice of glory.he has

angel calling… kingdom falling…
distance called reality

- dgm