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dhul qarnayn – with wrath so divine lyrics


i curse the name of god,
and i curse the name of light,
i have no sight in this infinite deafening night,

with hatred rendered to one,
with withering voices of my p-ssed past,
with emptiness so deeply pressing,
with death lingering ever so near,
with fate whispering vengeance into my ear,
with wisdom erased by borrowed time,
with terror shadowing behind,
with roads leading aimlessly in circles,
with hatred so divine.

to quench the throat of murder, until all sins are devoured, to remain graveless

the climax of boiling sins summon my presence,
the time has come to punish pestilence,
cries of suffering echoe as they go unheard,
i’ll rip your throat, i’ll p-ss down your spine,
i’ll shred your innerds, and chew your guts,
i’ll spew venom in your heart, i’ll devour your soul,
i’ll use your head as my lantern, and i’ll leave you for dead.

i am the black prophet,
with wrath so divine.

- dhul qarnayn