diabolos rising – satanas lead us through 歌詞


satanas lead us through.
through realms of crimson twilight,
where the serpent race heeds thy cult.
through the streams of acheron,
where necromancers cast their spells.
through the eye of black chaos,
where dimensions cross and power dwells.
through the hyperborean lands,
where ice and fire become one.
through the hidden caves of dr,
where the lords of sorcery live
through the blackened plains of hades,
where life is death and death is life.
satanas lead us through
hail satanas, ave satanas, salve satanas,
angel f-ck!
through the burning fields of h-ll,
where the blood of angels flows free.
through the forests of the elves,
where the pagans gather to feast.
through visions of future worlds,
where vultures feed upon the dead.

- diabolos rising