dibi – #freestylefridays (24-04-2020) 歌詞


yeah, it’s d_i, uh!
stogie gave me the call
asked me if it’s a problem, i told him no, not at all
just make sure all of these weak rappers are not involved
i can’t be responsible for the blood that i put on the wall
when i hit them with the verse of the month
i’m getting racks, every day is like the first of the month
i’ll let these n_ggas show they’re cards
i’m not the first with the punch, i’m not a poster
everybody can get a he_rs_ if they want
my n_gga, i am from mandela bay in the eastern cape
still, i’m k!lling rappers here in jozi with a decent take
man, i don’t really need a trace for real
i am predicting, man this is foresight
she ain’t talking fashion when she says that she’s off white
i just hit the weed then i tell her i’ll be alright
yeah, she’s not the cooking do_the_chores type
look man, i’ve been k!lling it, no pressure in this rap game
lately, i’ve been learning that this life is like a crabs’ game
[?] dibi, oh my god, that’s such a black name
i was in that private school where all the people act strange
you say you’re a rapper, dude
well, tell me where you lack [?]
they’re trying to be [?]
well, you’re looking at the black wayne
that’s when i smoke a lil’ chronic for the back pain
i’m in it for the people and i’m in it for the placks, man
they say that i’m beginning to become a star
well sh_t, i don’t even believe it
when i hit the dealer, pick a colour
and get every one of my n_ggas gets a car
and that should tell you that we hitting it fast

thats dibi; that’s d_i_b_i

- dibi