elephant – the defining choice 歌詞


reaching for the light of doomed shades
betrayed the wind of sacred sacrifice
leaves are silent as the song of memories
blissful mist in the weary moments
lambent decay of newborn demise
judgment of the graceful warning
here shall all await the heavenly
precious arrival outshines sunrise

lucid thread of jealousy
in nothing all shall stand
here begotten unknowing
sightless hope carries the future

points of starlight
appear to die
borne the blessing
of the healer unveiled

downward runs the waiting disaster
shameful death of beauty
shining spell from the hands of the heir
paths manipulated before birth

bountiful choices of misery and wisdom
choose the answer that conquers the fairest
planets divided the sun unbroken
below time bodies gone

perish in obscurity, the vision is true
tired and scared yet resolute
clear are the foes, the dream is near
i found my voice through the storm

feel the defiance of the mustering drums
slouching toward the mouth of anguish
we cannot get out, there is no way out

clash together the jaws, we shall witness again
home lies ahead not what was left behind
but mountains were sadness
chasing gods lost in release

born today is the turning
run the distance in vain
cheerful trial of d-mnation
mirthless dance of failure
so you’ve chosen my fate?
i don’t care!
when i laugh i can still hear the thunder
and i smile

- elephant