eli fross – goat freestyle 歌詞


[intro: eli fross]
woah, woah, woah
great john on the beat, by the way (boom, boom, bah)

[verse 1: eli fross]
this b_tch wild on my d_ck, she too freaky, huh
in the ribs, i’m too deep
when we spin on the opps, got two vs, huh
if that b_tch got the kick, i need a piece (i need it)
i be wylin’ in her cheeks
now you see me in the hood, i’m a og, huh
i get respect if you know me
and i know that you see i’m gettin’ bigger (gettin’ bigger)
i start gettin’ moody off the liquor (i get moody)
like the artist i am, i paint the picture (huh)
me and the foreign money thicker
and you know i’m a stalker, call me dipper (bah, bah, bah, bah)
and you know i’m a stalker, call me dipper (boom, yeah, yeah, fross, b_tch)
n_ggas know me and fross back on the sh_t, huh (ha)
ridin’ ’round with a grip
you could get shot, lil’ boy, dismissed (huh)
got me back on my sh_t (doot, doot)
met a lil’ bad b_tch, b_tch look thick (they bad)
pop a perc’ when i hit
if she ain’t have it, she the sh_t (uh)
when they seein’ the case
i just been livin’ my life, been doin’ my thing
n0body can tell me sh_t (nothin’)
please don’t call my line, don’t hit my phone
if you ain’t talkin’ ’bout them bricks (don’t call)
you can’t spin my block, can’t spin my sign
’cause i will dump out that clip
told that b_tch, “hold on, don’t take off clothes
i only need them lips”
you bringin’ out all the savagery (boom)
bodies droppin’, soldiers passin’ me (grrat)
blunts are rollin’, gas surroundin’ me
while freaky b_tches booty bounce on me (boom, boom, boom)
you say you love me, why you cappin’ me? (huh)
we could f_ck, just don’t attach to me
only f_ckin’ baddies on the scene
all them other b_tches whack to me
like, b_tch, i’m a g.o.a.t., uh
g_o_a_t, y’already muhf_ckin’ know, ayy
eli f_r_o_s_s is a god (grrt, bah), n0body can clone, uh
[break: sleepy hallow]
haha, hahahaha
hol’ on, uh, huh
hol’ on, uh, huh
hol’ on, uh, look, uh

[verse 2: sleepy hallow]
no chill, n_ggas ain’t been up in no field
shoot like i’m kobe, no o’neal
that mean you catchin’ bullets like odell, beckham
ain’t no nike, i check ’em, uh
tell my doggy, “go get ’em,” uh
water park how i wet ’em
like a hunnid k in these denims
they like, “’cause crip, how you red ’em?”
watch the blood drip when i catch him
we don’t send texts, bring the tecs in
need a hunnid bottles in my section
send threats, better flex then
’cause this chopper answer all my questions
uh, yeah, we ain’t f_ckin’, she could gimme neck then
uh, yeah, think she mad i left her for her best friend
uh, huh, yeah, he the g.o.a.t., you could never touch him
uh, huh, yeah

- eli fross