elii ormond – drive 歌詞


[who tf gone stop me
the only person who can stop me
is me
so i got to tell myself
don’t f_cking stop me
because ain’t n0body else going to be able to stop me bro
and that’s on m_th_f_cking period ]

i got my gps on
so i know where to go
but i don’t know how to drive
i wanna feel so alive

where is my drive
i need to try
to thrive
before i die (2x)

i’m working all day
in la
at this job i can’t stand
tryna figure out my plan
and ohh i strived
to do what i like
but i was scared
yes i have fears
i’m too f_cking tired
all the d_mn time
man oh why (2x)
i didn’t go to college like the rest of my friends
i hope i’m not stuck
i hope this not the end
life is a trap
but i won’t fall in that’s
i’m on my own track
someone get me in line
and teach me how to thrive
man oh why
(yana) yeah
where is my drive

(yana verse)

it’s bout time to flip the script and change the flow
even tho the light is red i’m seeing go
never thought that being high could get me low
i know that i can beat the bad
we toe to toe
i’m feeling like
i’m tryna say a mouth full with a overbite
vroom vroom then i zoom
in the dark but i promise you gone see the light
(elii) “will i find my drive”
b_tch i might
yeah cus life is full of trial and errors
and ain’t no winning without failure
see i’m just tryna live my life
and find my drive (2x)
on a week night about a quarter to 5
is when i start to stress and start lose my mind
got grab my keys but they hard to find
to take a ride and find my drive
i don’t really know what it feel like to be never be stressed
i’m trying my best
[elii verse]
and i don’t really know what it feels like to gain success
well not yet
i’m tryna finessed
i’m gonna survive
and thrive
cuz i do have drive
and it’s coming with eaze
let that fire ignite
i’m on a come up baby
let that passion burn inside

- elii ormond