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elmnt – sideways lyrics


verse 1:

i’ve been looking at this world sideways
this sh_t weird like a side pocket misplaced
people poking on your girl nowadays
swipe right then apply for the taste
whole thing like a muppet with the glove sp_ces
acting out the roles on the front stages
making money like clowns in a dunk tank
how the f_ck does it feel to get enough wages?
inconsiderately ill in these trump cages
in a minute we can feel it like it’s contagious
all this bull they be filling up thе front pages with
speak out, they hit you with thе pump gauges
they shoot! no longer with the court cases
poor decision, ever poorer with the moral placement
quick pause for the whole occasion..
i made myself the boss for the motivation
send my love to the post office
i ain’t here to lose time like i’m pharcyde
give my, cardiovascular muscle to the hopeless
at least i see the most light up in the dark side
henny lit, sh_t talking
i got a whole lot more than a rocket in my pocket
got a whole lot more than some knowledge in my noggin
i’m rocking again baby

i’m looking at this world sideways, sideways, sideways
i’m looking at this world sideways, nowadays, nowadays

verse 2:

i never meant to step on the feet
i mean’t to keep a step to the beat
both of us like a post office, something to deliver
this time.. time got no second to peep
to see it like the windmill, the up & down
i’m tired of the fixed bill, the underground
they could, stencil the sound, but the intent
could cut the internet troll or toughest crowd in ten
paint a picture vivid, you can smell this coffee brewin
the brown sugar, but this time, there’s nothing left to ruin
i post up, the pulp fictionesque dress code
pocket full of the cess, stress way gone
heart full of intents, success weighing on
with all of its attempts, can’t even test phase one
i used to wanna kick it like solange
looking so flames, trail setting off alarms
how this gon’ win when it ain’t right within?
the whole point of love is to live like the hymn
the push came to shove, the beef turned to broil
the hate fed the beast, the beast fed the soil
i turn my cheek, facing the wind
walking a little faster with a pace to get in
cause this overtime got me complacent
i made a little tape i can push state to state to again

i’m looking at this world sideways, sideways, sideways
i’m looking at this world sideways, nowadays, nowadays

lord can you hear me praying my prayer?
lord can you hear me, answer my prayer

- elmnt