elysian fields – father forgive them (for they do not know) 歌詞


howl – hear the sanctified screams
die – for i have sinned
bless – the evil seed
as – th’ infernal sky falls
fatal eyes; your reflection dies
bleed before i do; your lie is true
for i’ve sinned
ode to the one… who died for my sins
thy veil of disguise… sworn to avenge
obsecration of the glorified
aeons perished in the deep
path of th’ eternal winter
condemned to primordial myths
divine the flames of the great
embracing the fatal beliefs
fiendish forces bring forth
the soulgrave of the burning king
ancestors engraved in the mist
seek the forgotten domain
forsaken creations ascend
the last serenade has withered
(it’s now far) away
father enlight my path
bring back to me the day
that will sorrowfully imply
my surp-ssingly declining ally

- elysian fields