erykah badu – the cell 歌詞


girl came through, the light skin honey with the cinnamon smell,
girlwas so enticing, baby, make a n—- choose h-ll
momma hopped up on cocaine
daddy on sp-ce ships with no brain
sister gone numb the pain the same
why same dna cell
she was turned out on shine new things (diamond gold chains diamond gold rings)
center-fold spread, she trying to do things
see she be on that cough syrup in c-ke cans
20-inch-rim-man with no land, her p—-gone numb the pain the same
why same dna strand
we’re not well
we’re not well
we can’t tell…
brenda done died with no name
nickel bag c-ke to the brain
will they ever find the vaccine?
rich man got the double barrell,
po’ man got his back to the door
code white stands for trouble
shots from the po-po

- erykah badu