euphoreon – where dead skies dwell 歌詞


leaders of the night will fall before me
reaching for truth but being denied
bleed for my sins and you won’t die alone
cross the lands of fallen snow, death it lies so close
the eye in the sky strikes again
now we all fall victim
the shadows of night grow dim
come walk through the gates of fire

dead skies dwell
deep in h-ll
new dawn’s near
more to fear

all my life i’ve been waiting to see
an elegy of all i should have been
now i have nothing to give, no reason to fight
this is my life and my future’s futile

drowning in the seas of darkness and eternal spite
glowing in the flames of falling stars burning bright
through these years, all my notions disappear
blinding beams shine in my eyes from the highest peak
tides of h-ll are rushing forth
i feel my mind decaying
no time to dwell in yesterday
a snowstorm is approaching

strains of time have made my mind fall apart
day after day, there’s no respite in your eyes
free falling from the sky, my life has been forsaken
all my demons gather to quell the fire, only flame
that’s burned in me

- euphoreon