falling up – the wonder 歌詞


“the wonder”

there’s a circle of tangled wires
with an endless trail into bedrooms – that connected them all
so you speak lies, speak your mind
but all these words can be dulled out with the pills they discovered

pretend that i don’t have a limit
your body of gl-ss and your fingers intwined stringed
they’re behind your back
can be seen

you have made a terrible plan
but i still can run
shot across some distant outlet
electrical lungs can’t hold back a beautiful beat
that’s coursing my veins
cause my heart’s a perfect wonder

turning pages and signing paychecks
with a stack to heaven and back
it stands like a towering fear
while the signal just spins around us
an invisible tangling machine
with an ominous gear

you pretend that i don’t have a future that you can destroy
with the touch of your hand on my hand
like you don’t have a promise that would be kept

so how can you reach me?

- falling up