fat joe – hard not to kill 歌詞


[1st verse]
let me talk to these n-gg-z
i fought with these n-gg-z
been in court for these n-gg-z
these is my n-gg-z
i never once count the chart figures
never blamed y’all when sh-t came up missing
naw, plus you’s a live wire
caught beef aver you n-gg-z in elmira
stood next to y’all while you was on fire
n-gg-‘s tried to kill us everyday but we some riders
right – where did we go wrong
you stayed in the streets i switched to rap songs
you blazin’ your heat i’m reppin’ the bronx
got caught in the sweep
i’m payin your bond
sh-t, i’d a done it ten times
next thing i know i hear you talking out of line
like, this ain’t love
this is extortion
joey know better i put ’em in a coffin
sh-t, i had to take a deep breath
this sh-t about to get real crazy in the x
man i have them run up on ya
i’ll wait a couple years you’ll be on that same corner

[chorus: repeat 2x]
kind of hard not to kill n-gg-z
like a full time job not to kill n-gg-z
oh yeah
this sh-t is realer then you think
for my respect i do years in the bink

[2nd verse]
been in the game for the minute
i’m making moves
i switch careers
i make them movies
got tv shows that’s reppin’ the bronx
i’m spitting spanish
i’m viva reggetone, n-gg-z
oh yeah i’m ready for war
any body hard body
just my four four
i mean cracks that n-gg-z
i’ll smack that n-gg-
i’ll yap that n-gg-
gun clap that n-gg-
oh yeah i spit that sh-t
motivate young bucks how to flip them bricks
showed you how to jump off and switch the fifth
and this all the mo’f-cking thanks i get
sh-t, i’m just being polite
i’m married to this rap sh-t but the streets my life
matter of fact i

- fat joe