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ferras – everybody bleeds the same lyrics


if it’s fear
that you feel
the fear exists
on a larger scale
spin the world
and stop it still
anywhere you land
anyone you kill
you are gonna find that

everybody bleeds the same
after all
everybody feels the same
and the preachers preach
and they write it all down
like they know
but the secret is
everybody bleeds the same

i am you and you are me
we are the same mistake
packaged differently
who is your god
when you pray
if you break it down
to the dna
you are gonna find that


while soldiers
pull the covers
over there dead
roll over to your lover
say put your arms around me
surround me in the darkness
and i’ll pray to every god
my soul to keep
cause i’m never ever
gonna get to sleep
help me dream
i wanna dream forever


- ferras