fi – asleep 歌詞


now tell me more – undress the key to my heart
you say amor, i’ll keep it beating like a war drum
i lost my morals, and i insist on stripping yours down
i’ll lose my head, with my intentions on the floor now

say oh – no, i might be thinking like a freak
oh say love, love
i’ll make you turn into a freak
when i think about you, -it’s bad-
but how do i explain what came over me

i’ve been asleep : your body’s a dream
you break me off in bites
you shake me back to life, i feel so weightless on my feet.
yes i’ve been asleep: like your love is heaven on me
and your lips are my release
i’m an animal i fiend when you take me off my leash

more – i’m addicted to your sweat
i need more – we make an ocean in your bed
say i’m so close, when you’re electric i’m explosive
say i’m so close, and i’m reckless on this dosage

say oh – no, you got me [] like a freak
oh say love, love
i’ll give it to you like a freak

- fi