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fireflight – core of my addiction lyrics


“core of my addiction”

i’m aching, transparent
your eyes see right through me
i’m dependent and shaking
i’m falling to my knees

and i can’t contain this
you’re the only one i need
i’m hooked and i cannot hide it
your love’s controlling me

you’re the core of my addiction
i want to live, want to lose myself in you
you’re the heart of my obsession
i want to live, but i would die for you
i’m addicted

impulsive, enraptured
this yearning’s captured me
i’m determined, i’m not pretending
you are my destiny

i can feel the freedom
you’re the only one i need
i’m alive and finally breathing
you’re my recovery

god, i’ve waited for this day
i’ll never run away
and you won’t have to chase me

i’m addicted
i’m addicted to you

- fireflight