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four year strong – live from the crime scene lyrics


be sure to call out my name
so i can find you at the tip of my tongue
spiting down my throat and into my lungs
every lover that you loved
until another pushed and was shoved away
so where does your heart beat tonight anyway?

i’ve been waiting for too long
to see another night wasted
so close you can taste it
i’ve been waiting for too long

please forgive me for what i have to do
but your eyes have wondered or so you knew
to every other boy that can crack a smile
make the girls jealous and stay awhile
until you are through
but you don’t even have the slightest clue.

wait until the coast is clear
in the corner with a hush hush baby
i’ll make you believe exactly what i want
and when you back down
i’ll just push harder
until you give in
into every single line i throw your way
and i’ll make you believe every word i say.

i wont take what you say to heart
i wont take what you say to heart

another night
another hometown fight
to keep the street from claiming what i know is right

stay here where ships and wires meet
wont you call it home
don’t forget to call me don’t forget to call me handsome
and then you’ll know you’re done
but will you realize
that this soon dies

- four year strong