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geto boys – 5th ward / south central malt lyrics


(feat. ice cube)

[intro: audience watching tv]
ha ha ha ha
that’s my favorite malt liquor

[eazy-e:] kick that sh-t

[dj pooh:] who is it?

[ice cube]
yes, it’s the s-t crooked i-d-e-s
i make a mess unless
sucking’ through it like a g-o
ice cube with g to the e, to the t-o

now here comes dude
i play the game where there’s no rules
homies on the cut say i’m a fool
cause i drink brew

[bushwick bill:]
quick to bust a cap on the ides blow
bushwick gonna go with the flow
’til the ides loads

[willie d:]
here i come
willie d, that’s me
rollin’ with 5th ward, south park and south central, gee
and st. ides when i party
by the twelve pack case of becardy

a six pack of forty ack’
gets the real bounce
i drink brew, but y’all i drink it by the twelve ounce

[willie d:]
they say beer makes fail

[bushwick bill:]
but st. ides is straight, so it really don’t matter

[willie d:]
so keep eye on the price
next time go shoppin, grab the st. ides
and buy the real malt liquor
and tell them that the geto boys and cube sent ya

- geto boys