ghetts – intro 歌詞


involved with the intro
no strings attached, it’s something like a plimsoll
just for your info, grime to me’s like [?]
they don’t want to let me in the mainstream door [?]
so, i’ma come through the back window
this be the calm before the storm
hurricane ghetts, yes, i arrive when the wind blows
i run wild like a dingo
these mcs all talk the talk
me, i walk the walk, bare foot like a flintstone
the bike’s like i ain’t eating enough
real talk, i feel full after a spring roll
and i ain’t never been big
but now, i’m [?] them are in soles
still, i ain’t the n-gg- you can end, so
face to face, it ain’t the same case
it’s more like “ghetts, what’s wrong with you?”
“i just wanna do a song with you”
“how the h-ll can i be on f radio if i don’t get along with you?”
look, it’s a par, it’s a long pursuit
my bars would be under booth
2000 & life, then i came with the gospel
then i made freedom of speech
i got the crowd on my side, i’m blatantly on form
best mc on the scene
even the founder of grime says i’m responsible
for the greazing it’s lead
there ain’t a doubt in my mind who’s taking me off course
i believe in genes, three cds deep (cl-ssics)
and i’m back with another one
when another mc says my name
they always say ghetto’s the same as kane
i ain’t ever of n-body come with another one
and i ain’t a battle mc but they all wanna hear me battle mcs
where does it end? they’ll always be another one
had a deal now, i’m in talks of another one
in fact, let’s talk about that
if my name was money, i’d talk about cash
i’ma take £80,000 for the alb-m
what’s all this talk about clash?
there ain’t no money in it and at my age, it’s all about stacks
most man hate on stryder and chip like
all they make is winter down tracks
n-gg-s hates progress
hate the new me, rate the old ghetts
to me, it makes no sense
change is part of the process
if wiley never made rolex
he wouldn’t have made top five dough yet
sometimes, i feel light around [?]
still i give one hundred percent
no less, i don’t wanna write bars for a set
i just wanna write bars for a cheque
and i don’t wanna write bars over clash
i just wanna write bars over track
i used to write bars to respect
but now i know how far i’m ahead
now i just wanna write songs that are gone
because i ain’t where i belong, am i wrong?
am i wrong? well am i?
never been more right
but still i get it in more time
who’s helping the team?
who else in the scene but will could ever bring more guys?
and i know deep down, most of them wouldn’t return the favour
apart from devlin or lights
so, why am i helping out when i need help?
there’s no help about, it’s alright
i’ll get there, take a jet there
see griminal, rapid and devz there
see kane, scorcher, mercston and wretch there (yeah)
it don’t matter who’s next there (nah)
as long as we all get there (yeah)
and when i get there, i won’t forget here
went from sitting on the wall to a [?] here
i’m like sorry, it’s your time, next year

this is the calm before the storm
i’m so sorry for the delay
you know me, it’s more than entertainment to me
come back, have to raise the levels and sh-t
i does this so often
don’t ever doubt me
you don’t hear me, don’t think i’m sitting at home
with a [?] and a zoot in my mouth
ain’t my style
i get it in

- ghetts