group 1 crew – gimme that funk 歌詞


got this feelin that i can’t ignore, you gave me more than i was asking for, and now i owe you
my life, i could never deny you inspire what comes outta this mic, i been down this road
before, a lil bit has changed and yet it still remains the same see the kick is the heartbeat
of man, the snare is the timing that keeps his order and plans, the hi hats sift back and forth
like life’s ups and downs we ain’t ready for but, thank god for the melody so sweet reminds me
where my heart should be

give me that funk, that funky rhythm that you want, give me that beat that makes you get up on
your feet, give me that melody, melody you can sing with me, don’t be shy just keep it live

[post chorus]
just a little bit, a little bit of rhythm when i’m not in time, just a little bit, i can never
get enough turn it up ’cause it feels so

finally we all agree, music brings us together like a family.
and every note (uh oh uh oh) is like an antidote to all the heavy situations we’re facing call up your station say.

hey now! give me your attention cause i got something to mention to you
right now! about a young boy whose a preacher son and his world was turned
upside down! when he heard the needle drop and heard the sound of the music playin
rhythm and blues filled every room in the house!
music then became my medicine
to heal the world i became a musician
started giving out my own prescriptions
group 1 crew your personal physicians
we came to change your condition

- group 1 crew