gun outfit – strange insistence 歌詞


[verse 1]
i tried to quit or i quit of you
but i get some really best
i’ve given to you
taking a pleasure over a try
and all the bitter side
seek makes you a g*nius
cocaine make you rich
in lst show here the vanity
everything’s alright
oh no be yes

in a [?] you just smoke cigarettes
meet me on the third ways
[?] show bring a little touch
you can believe the old set with your one
you can trust me if you must

[verse 2]
so confused at the beginning
and broncos in [?]
there’s a mountain in the middle
pretty think i admit

springer oh weh
let me think a way that don’t deserve my self
your desire will survive
hopes going under my

[verse 3]
l-st who made the things
but you need that deep
to cast your chairs
if you rage you can arrest you
if you can’t you get upset
and the past is always there
to take your best
to make me sound
dressed in your fighting skin
i’m sure the way on my special air

you and i got different att-tude
there’s strange insistence
that we share

there’s a cause for celebrates
i don’t suppose me i’m a saint
i don’t worry ‘bout the reason
until i hold it in my hand

- gun outfit