hanne hukkelberg – the northwind 歌詞


the north wind
and the sun
made a bet about getting
the coat off a man,
the wind from the north
lost the bet.

the cold north wind blows,
blows forcefully,
too strong.

we struggle
through your
contrary wind.
your high jinx
makes us strive
even more.
with our coats
as your sail,
you try to
blow us away.

the cold
north wind knows,
he blows forcefully.
the more the wind blows
the more tightened weâ’ll be.

isn’t it nice
with some warmth.
we only reveal ourselves and
change ourselves when weâ’re sheltered.

come when the days are doze.
come when the coat’s on fire.
come when the sun chokes us.

- hanne hukkelberg