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hector vaé – rain phantom lyrics


[verse: hector vae]
got some money down in sp_wn
they made my friends drop
like this minecraft
paper make the pain stop
you’re just a b_tch
you were passing
working game_stop
i ain’t no [?]
you touch me
you get your brain [?]

[verse: hector vae]
my daddy told me
never do the dirty work
that’s why i pay my goons
to come and shoot up
where your mama works
so much f_ckin’ money
hold my bag
my back hurts
your b_tch really loves me
you can go and ask her

[verse: hector vae]
tell that b_tch to block me
i really can’t stand her
always tryin’ to hit me
i ghost her like casper
you should come and thank me
’cause i could’ve been at her
you think that i hate you
but you’re never a factor

[bridge: hector vae]
[?] money make the pain stop
[?] this paper make the bank [?]

[verse: mag]
i ain’t a natural hustler
all of this paper spent around me
i want to take it, cut it up
imagine if i couldn’t run it up
imagine if all this paper found me
i want to take your pay and drown it
they want to call me, well i’m not here
throwing them into the top gear
recording when it ain’t bringing them all in
off of the mountain, seeing me fallin’
had a sip off the dirtiest fountain
why am i up when i’m supposed to be drowning
[i don’t want to drown]
dirt on me and i scrub it
[?] change and this really won’t cut it
really just gonna say “f_ck it!”
i’ve been thinking ’bout kicking the bucket

[verse: mag]
i’m alone for too many years
all of my fears, they’re hitting me up
[?] off of my pills
i thought i was showing them love
i’m already lonely
you can’t show me i’m already at fault
i know that money won’t solve it
maybe it will
it’s just what i’m told
i’ve been on my big brain
big head, big plans with the red [?]
[?] it’s a bleak day
see my shadow in the thick rain
to h_ll with the whip
that’s how you know i’m trying to get paid
when they’re all tying to lose it
you can see my shadow in the thick rain

- hector vae