hopsin – blood energy potion 歌詞


“blood energy potion”

in a world of mischief, we fiend for glory
the true satisfaction held within mankind lies in blood!

[verse 1]
you don’t wanna get ya head cracked?
when you see me coming through you better step back
i be crumpling on you n-gg-s leaving you stuck up in the gutter with ya neck and your body ready to share that (blood)
i’m a beast in the night
creepin’ up on you to feast on your life
the demons inside
are telling me to give you a reason to cry
and leave you to lie in (blood)

now see, i got a strange urge
and i feel like creepin’ up on a stranger
i want your blood
blood [x4]
i want your blood
blood [x4]
give me your blood

[verse 2]
you don’t really wanna roam in the darkness (no)
you ain’t ready for the pain and the harshness (no)
i’m zoning up to hop outside of my ride, at full speed, then swerve till the car flips (blood)
you dealin’ with a maniac
see i know a couple of ways to scr-p
i’mma raise the axe
throw it at you while you’re running away and when it hits, your brains will splat
so just face the facts
i’m a result of all the gangsta rap
i say sh-t, never take it back
i don’t hate to brag
a true menace with a love of blood
you’ll never get rid of my ways
whatchu think of that, huh? (blood)


[verse 3]
beat n-gg-s till they have concussions (woah)
rape wives and then laugh at husbands (woah)
and if you down with the m-ss destruction (what)
toast to it with a gl-ss of blood then (blood)
pray to god for a night to start
i’m a psycho n-gg- finna top the charts
being shot with darts till it stops your heart
and chopped apart and thrown up in a shopping cart
and pushed off a cliff, there’s no alternate
ending that involved with this, it’s your fault i’m p-ssed
you’re gonna suffer the consequences
you can not prevent this sh-t, i promise it, come on (blood)
pretty clear that my brain’s not there
i be looking for it when i shave my hair
black is the color that i paint my lair
and the way i break n-gg-s everyday is not fair
it’s all because of the rage i bare
see i’m down for whatever, just say “i dare”
my nut sack is the biggest so you n-gg-s gonna have to murder me if you wanna take my pair (blood)


[verse 4]
you don’t like me? tune it out
i’m livin’ life on the foolish route
when i hit the kitchen, i butcher you n-gg-s into that drain slowly, but only when the moon is out
i get this way when my mood is down
some even think that i’m rude and foul
out of all the lovely children my mother gave birth to, i was the stupid child (blood)
back in the day, when i was in elementary, i would chisel a pencil until it sharp as f-ck
leavin’ the bullies laid out, on the playground
when they came round, yell “f-ck” if you’re raw as nuts, come on (f-ck)
the sound of blood is so marvelous, stab a n-gg- in his stomach till you scar the gut
hit ’em in the spine until you paralyze him and fill him with lighter fluid and go ahead and spark him up
and then abracadabra, am i missing brain cells? that doesn’t matter
makin’ you scream makes me a happier rapper
you don’t want trouble then your -ss better back up
fast little b-st-rd (blood)
i was born as a natural hazard, i turn lives into m-ssive disasters
look over your shoulder when i’m in your area
you might get hit in the cranium with the back of a hammer (blood)

- hopsin