in2ition – i truly be a violent man 歌詞


i truly be a violent man; it’s best you know i am
i’ve always known i can follow my preying plan
stalk ’em to their homes and watch them living in their living rooms
wank off to them changing clothes; just appear at their windows
see my bright, white face, scream at the top of their voice
sound like the rapping of royce da 5’9″. minutes later, they call 999
fearing for their lives; and i’ve already made sure i ran
but only to come back again to spy on them
most of them mother-f-ckers have no idea that i am hunting them
they seldom can notice me from afar; disguised at the store
and the abattoir, painted blue; waiting to k!ll you
blending in with recycling bins. ‘please god, let this one pull through
please, i beg of you’ i cannot go home without getting my d-ck wet again
sweating over another victim’s chest; tryn’a make them blessed
yeah, bless me; making sure that i don’t c-m early on her dress
need to savour this: every moment i get
so god, please don’t let anyone interrupt this
this blessed moment of p-ssion
i know you dislike what’s happening but what’s happening’s happening
i will have no subconscious reaction: i will make this rape go through
i will c-m up inside of her -n-l hole
and spit and scream in her face, oh
and no-one can stop me so don’t try to send no things to block me
don’t attempt to c-ck-block me
i realise i should have waited for consent
believe me when i say i meant to
but you saw the way she was looking at me, didn’t you?
how could i p-ss up a chance to be inside of that small, tight, white -ss
can you answer that? cause i can
as soon as i saw her bum, i felt my c-m draw towards it
like a jew to a bank deposit or a h0m-s-xual to a closet and then i just lost it
so i decided to stalk her real badly
like that [?] ash wednesday with mary-kate and ashley
and i would have gotten away with that too if it weren’t for those meddling kids
and that f-cking dog of theirs that can talk and sh-t. [?] kids
i’m glad i made that dog eat their bodies and bits
i realise that you dislike my rapping habits and it’s okay
it’s your job to judge me and the actions i commit
and i’m open to critics but this is just something i’ve got to do
hang on, i think she just started to do a poo
hey b-tch, that sh-t: it’s getting all over my d-ck
this better not be some voodoo sh-t: you better not be some witch
cause i’ll punch you so hard, you’ll have a permanent st-tch
okay, which way do you wanna do this?
i can either pull out my d-ck and let you pull out your sh-t
or i can keep on pounding at it to make it stick
yeah, i think that’s the best option which
would make it go so far up next to your organs; sh-t
well, what do you wanna do about this?
stop crying and sh-t. oh, f-ck this
i don’t want no hitch; can’t be bothered with this glitch
i ain’t gonna switch until you start to twitch
but you better not make me flinch because it would be like making a barber itch
my metal-detected d-ck would sever your sh-t and slit your cl-t
make you scream and wince, then report you to immigration, b-tch
will cut you up like mince then dump your dumping body in an irrigation ditch
this is how you’ve got to me: you’ve made me so ugly; i used to be so lovely
before i met these hunnies, started following them like a bunny
looking to make their young. and now, i just end up hung on the fox’s lawn
i’ve been getting played by women for so god-d-mn long
i’ve forgotten how it feels to be alone and i’m so
f-cking glad; i’m mad at the whole d-mn world
and if i got a girl, i’d give her a swirl and end up in a twirl
in a downward spiral, not feeling swell
i would slaughter her whole family and then make her make love to me
make her do what i please and tie her up
like the dad does to the mum in oculus
someone would need binoculars to find us
i’ll make her eat a plate till her t–th are rotten to sh-te
until her gums are cut with serrated edges
because i be jealous of other people’s happiness
tell me, what the f-ck has happened to us?
this world that could have been such a calming place
but now it’s just full of hate
a-list models who [?] food but don’t swallow
who think their shadows need to be perfect
who get four-year-old little girls in the mindset that they need to be perfect
dressing up like joan rivers’ face. man, that’s f-cked up: i tell they
yeah, this disgusting human race; i’m ashamed to take up this sp-ce
and this place that you call home, i call a prison, yo
so do presume that i am going to end it all
drown myself in the bathing room
not that it would make any difference to you so f-ck you too
stay fake b-st-rds if you really want to
i know there’ll be no convincing you cause you’re all just too
stuck in your ways to get into a different phase
so i’ll continue to f-ck this b-tch’s face
cause she hates the taste and i love the way it makes my heart race
i’ll f-ck this [?] and then i’ll k!ll myself
don’t think about it yourself
because why would anyone ever think about anyone but themselves?
as that would mean that you’d have to have feelings
when people are obviously built to bear grudges and hate each other
so go f-ck your mother. i have twice more than i’ve raped your own brother

- in2ition