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inme – halcyon genesis lyrics


halcyon genesis

sanctuary for the broken hearted
elysian fields harvested
for the deary departed
paradise in those eyes
crumpled wings
that were designed for the skies
the past jonquil’s hurtful words
the cruel dreams
that taunt the flightless bird

the pinions have healed
dominion is sealed in this floating nest
(the breeze and seas will find rest)

the tempest was no contest
for true ferocity
through thick and thin
i gave these wings a new velocity
i soared the clouds
i flew proud
then curiosity shone from the sun
(my new beginning had begun)

she shone a smile of sheer beauty
i knew she wanted me
and now its clear
my best days are in front of me
for hurt before we swore
that love was a nemesis
(who could’ve known this was a halcyon genesis?)

she plants seeds
that feed all the good within
and there’s no greed in the weeds
to stop this flower breathing
love like the hybrid of a rose and an a amaranth
(the halcyon navigates through the viny sky labyrinth)

with amethyst claws
and a sapphire crest
i’m all yours
we’ve both been through the wars
our blood has stained the sand on distant sh-r-s

as the bird serenaded
the scars they all faded
(the tissue regenerated)
beautiful second chances
a fallen feather dances
as the twilight advances

the past hearts cracked
like eggsh-lls between eagle talons
but from the flames they rose
unafraid to upset the balance

cerulean mystery
the sea bed’s history
the depths inside your heart
your heart

- inme