j cole – cosmic kev freestyle 歌詞


it took me all day to find some inspiration
it just hit me like a ton of bricks no renovation
problem with the game now, there ain’t no innovation
i see my sh-t all in your sh-t, we call that imitation
and they say that’s flattering but i ain’t flattered at all
matter fact y’all need to practice that more
see my man nate, ask me if i gain weight, i said nah
my pockets got fatter, that’s all
money was an issue but now that that’s solved, i ball, i ball
like kobe in the fall
put trophies on my wall, rather trophies on my man
and dog, my shows be off the handle
take the proceeds, go to gamble, ha
bet it all black, and pray i quadruple my salary
if i win maybe then i can pay sallie mae
told her i be dealing with some real life sh-t
she be asking when, b-tch, when i feel like it
cole world, cole life, cole blooded
i be on my sh-t and look at all the hoes love it
got a hundred fifty b-tches in the club staring at me
how that feel? very happy

cole world, boy, check the degree’s
these lil n-gg-s is trash go and get the febreeze
that’s why i blew up on you sucka’s all that’s left is debris
one soldier’s all that’s left is fatigues
act like you know me boy, i’m kobe
how the f-ck you gon step in my league
rapping bout bullsh-t, your message fatigue
played out, phoney n-gg- probably only got arrested for weed
and out here talking that dime sh-t
dom perignon sh-t
not gon cut it like some scissors on my lawn sh-t
grown cause i own sh-t
this is what you won’t get
game so cold, bring the blizzard to the palms
i’m a wizard, i’m a don and i put this on my mom
i’m offended, i’m appalled
if y’all ain’t bowing
claim you a monster but y’all ain’t growling
claim you a beast, why y’all ain’t howling?
’bout as sweet as a jumper on the gay ray allen
i’m ’bout f-cking hoes like ray j wylin’
killin’ n-gg-s like k k k violence
i guess it’s why they pay homage
momma i’mma be big and i put that on the late great wallace
christopher, check my temperature, n-gg- my integers..
whatever man..

alone in my zone, tell me don’t it sound stunning
been f-cked the world but she just now c-mmin’
if i ever fell off i would hit the ground runnin’
i ain’t never been the one for fourth down puntin’
aiming at a couple heads, b-tch i’m crown huntin’
red dots cause a n-gg- dread locks
so i lock pick just to lock sh-t back
i want money, power, respect since the lox said that
better stay up on your toes, this is not tic tac
yet, i’m a breath of fresh air, you can place your bets here
ballin’ like a laker you should pray for next year
cause i’m repeating and i’m 3-peatin’
and i’m knee deep in the game its quick sand and i keep leakin’
the label heat seekin’, n-gg- ain’t sign me, what the f-ck was he thinkin’
they say i killed the game, that was only pre-season

i’m heavy
i’m heavy

man, i’m already hot, you can say i’m pre-heated
if money talks, mine telling your’s “be seated”
cut my leg off i wouldn’t be defeated
illest n-gg- in the game b-tch and you can retweet it
email the sh-t make sure you cc it
for these f-ck n-gg-s who don’t wanna believe it
i be in the airport d-mn near bare foot
security hollin’ out, cole we need it
getting high as f-ck and i don’t even be weeded
no point drinkin’ i can’t even be faded
real recognise real like they related
you ain’t no f-cking g boy, your style g-rated
hatred is flattery i’m glad to be hated
f-ckin’ bad b-tches that would rather be dated
carolina n-gg-s just happy he made it
my money was running late now, now it’s happy belated
i’m heavy, n-gg- i’m heavy

- j cole