j magnus – pursuit 歌詞


i’ve always felt like i could be something more
like if i really put my mind to it, i could get it all
man that’s, that’s really how i feel
feel like
feel like i’m destined for something much much greater man
something inside just keeps telling me to go for it
put fear aside man and just, just go

[verse 1]
i took a look at my life and knew is should take control
every fear, every doubt i put it all in song
that’s along with the heart breaks n_ggas and plenty more
stories of my life i done said it all
n_gga i’m setting off and offsetting thе balance
slave descеndant, how the f_ck he ouchea running the palace
bruce wayne sl!ck with usain skin
best believe that’s reason i walk like my sh_t don’t stink
despite what you may think
i do this for the hopeless in hopes that i inspire
a little hope and some focus to the folk
and despite the occasional little hocus pocus
i’m not just an average joe with a mic
n_gga i’m a soldier on a mission
i want more out this life, yeah
you know that feeling when
when you’ve been running and running
and you can finally see that finish line
it’s within reach bro and
uh man, it feels like destiny bro
feels like, feels like i’m led by something
something greater you know

[verse 2]
this that cigar music, patek
retire music, the best
money talk fluent and rap
when legacies become flex
bettered myself then i bet on myself
a lot of lonely blue nights, i work better by self
but look what it cost me, friendships
i’m hardly outie with homies attending parties
n_gga i’m working on audi shares
not the car b
take ma out to bali
family trips, sunset beautiful in safari
god blessed the child, he’s beautiful in his entirety
works he never tires, he’s kakarot with new highs b
grand zeno the power
i’m in the end zone
need a benzo, the rarri and the lambo
this ain’t enzo
man i’ve, i’ve always been focused
on building something that will
something stand the test of time
and get better with time
something that will stand long after i’m gone and
f_ck living good if the generations that follow will not enjoy
any of that sh_t, you know
i do it for them

[verse 3]
man i did this sh_t for hope
i did it for my kids, i did it for my kid’s kids
i hope they follow what i did
the plan is in motion, generations will eat
long after i’ve lived
let the name echo and children think i’m a myth
yeah, pressure to crush steel, make diamonds
forced lateral
stuck in my own shadow
i’ve been fighting the wrong battle
my health the collateral damage but i will handle
my fear and my will stand off
n_gga they lit candles for everything that ever stood in my way
i’ve been bent over backwards but magnus will never break
self belief i stand on, nothing in this world will never shake
i want it all, the medals
ready to do what ever it takes
who else got their hand up?

- j magnus