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jamie woon – spiral lyrics


purple-brown skylit streetlight
walking home, there ain’t a trace of moonlight
you hold out your hand and everything is so easy
and i think that’s the part that scares me
do you feel the same?
i’ve been searching within
looking for the point where you end
and the place where i begin
it’s taking so long now, babe

well, we bathe in the living room lamplight
casting shadows on the walls that have heard these sighs before
i don’t know if it’s over
i guess the years just made us older
and i can’t imagine life without you
how i built my life around you
we’ve been together so long now, babe

i’m seeing spirals
i’m moving with you again

heavy ever-circling dawnlight
we’ve been talking so long that we’ve lost just who we are
like we’re looking for answers
come on and make my heart a dancer
i wanna hear not another word spoken
let’s get lost inside this moment
and i won’t take no for an answer now

i’m seeing spirals
i’m moving with you again

- jamie woon