jay hype – eating tho 歌詞


i love how like when people figure out i rap
they come up to me trying to give me advice
treating me like some other young kid in the game
like oh i’ve done this i’ve done that
but like come on man are you eating tho?

watch how when i make it
they be quick to say i changed up
ain’t no changing fam
while you was sleeping
i just came up
heard ’em say jay eating on this beat
well i ain’t ate enough
rhyming with the big boys
turned ’em soft
they say i’m playing rough
bars insane man
straight coming at your brain man
stepped up in the game
i swear it never was the same man
hol up wait no draking boy
please don’t get it mistaken boy
showed up stole yo spot
now i’m whats hot
yeah i’m whats shaking boy
but i’m chilling tho
yeah i’m steady winning tho
met your girl her new name
pack of sugar
way she sweet and low
how you tryna take part in this fame
when you weren’t here before
see you tryna sit up at the table
are you eating tho

are you eating tho
yeah are you eating
always sitting at the table are you eating tho
are you eating tho
are you eating tho
tryna tell me how to sit up at my table are you eating tho

on tracks i’m super bad
call me mclovin now
compet-tion super sad
better get that cottonelle
oh yeah stay top of the line
you know jay hype stay fine
can’t you tell by the way that i rhyme
i know that your scared
didn’t even reach my prime
know that you not stopping me
step in the ring you couldn’t even box with me
i remember when people wouldn’t stop for me
now i’m eating you sit and say w-ssup to me
” you can’t sit with us ”
you can’t sit with us
my whole team eating
you see w-ssup
we been had plates
somebody clean the mess
been living care free
but i see whose stressed
come crazy on this flow
haters wanna be me
wanna sit on my throne
never waisting time
i swear you never catch me eating slow
here you talking how you in the game
but are you eating tho ?


i mean i don’t think i really gotta explain myself at this point
i’m not even at the top & i’m eating more then half y’all lames
i mean there’s nothing i could do about it
what ya want me to do about it? eat less?
come talk to me when you get it figured out iight? iight

- jay hype