jeezy – i got this 歌詞


so don’t worry, i got this
look look, i got this
i got this, look look i got this (x4)

see i don’t worry about these ho n-ggas been here before n-ggas all they gotta do is ask i might show n-ggas
just to show n-ggas that i can show n-ggas what else i gotta say you seen my show my n-ggas
1,2,3,4 here we go n-ggas and i ain’t never been a hater im like go n-gga! who’s hot who’s not i’m like so n-gga see they just warming up i’m hot as cole n-gga
probably why i’m platinum never been a gold n-gga and the only thing you ever sold was your soul n-gga you won’t me getting open i might close n-ggas they won’t give me no exposure i might expose n-ggas


see i ain’t worried about the he say and not what she say bullsh-t is cheap they sale it on ebay n-ggas talk around in circles like a relay still doing the same sh-t they in replay
bunch of spectators what they higher expectations and im still on top must be frustrating face on face off nicholas cage two-faced got some nickel-less ways
when i was on that interstate with that justin timberlake could be gone in sixty seconds had to concentrate was concentrating then still concentrating now was f-ck them n-ggas then still f-ck them n-ggas now


see i don’t worry about the chitty chat they playing pity pat i’m with christina, venus, serena them rumors back and forth like a wimbledon like i’m a industry n-gga must think i’m timbaland
what’s got into him naw what’s got into you would be happy for him but i wouldn’t expect you to n-ggas want credit when there’s no credit due talking credit young why they won’t credit you?
i guess no credit’s just like good credit maybe i’m confusing myself i’m like forget it when n-ggas can’t manage themselves how they gon’ manage you still tryna make another young but they can’t manage to

- jeezy