jerome whitaker , young king – potential justice 歌詞


live from the gutter

at your best

like you always been

been that one

to always said , i would speak and lead

idk i just give off this energy


better yet i would say

i’m in thè lane

they look at the t-tle

like i thought this was about your ex main (man but say main as man)

nah this sh-t is not a love tape

this a doing me and only god can judge tape

they say bro you gotta cold tape

cause everyone be going thru that tough love dawg

been really putting days in

from skipping school to

dime rhymes up , in the bas-m-nt

million dollars goals

got us out that bas-m-nt

just say that we made it yeah

don’t let them airwaves get to your head

cuz we know how you got there

the metaphors not there

didn’t have to come out sh-t since i got here

all real genuine love

we know that player circle

but this not a hater circle good vibes

it block your blessings

and i’m blessed up

to be the youngest n-gga doing it

they say djbj the hottest dj shout out to dawg

but on yo airwave you look p-ss the godbodyradio

feel like black panthers in there prime

with this lil voice

what you say turn the beat down

and your vocals up

nahh this ain’t it lol

same flows i guess i’ll be the one to speak

i don’t see potential

can hear dre on the line

yelling out let this b-tch breath

an other words

keep going

almighty plug talk

cause he know if i could

then again boii i won’t stop

pick my heart up

at times i wanna end this n-gga

life of a black men

they made that system to fail but look at me now

a strong frim black men

a strutsure to society

can we come together

ex copetion

let’s see what this voice do

next thing you know they gone like n-gga

who cloned you

i say what i want

b-tch this my time

just worry about yours

and who own you

rap like i know i’m the greatest

cause i am the greatest

knew i was destin for greatness


shout to the producer on the beat

i like this one a lot

slow temp

so you can hear what i’m saying

study my vocals n-gga

ohh now i got em focus n-gga

might be some n-ggas hating on this

but real one , focus n-gga

ain’t no come back or come up

this already ordain, in the lifestyle

did a lot of sh-t

to live this here lifestyle

grind can’t stop

told my fam

eat eat n-gga

want a empire , big as empire n-gga

krizpy production


much when

imagine this wicked mind

always stayed in the crime

now my words move mountains

new nightmare into verbal

ima target light

lately they been miss leading by the blogs and hype

potential justice

let em all sink

put me in a jungle

come out with all ch-nks (chinchillas)


play with my wave

(don’t what)

ima black out

hotline bing boii

i feel like a plug



never play that b-tch out (timeless)

give her the aux

if it ain’t youngking

give one more chance

then i kick that b-tch out (king)

yeah yeah yeah

drop 3 singles last year

then disappear like nemo

came back 3 albums ready

4th one in the making dawg

getting played in jamaica dawg (how you kno)

it copiedback from my forigen brawdd (roger that)

ain’t gotta lie to n-ggas

microphone legend

microphone legend

ima die a legend yeahh..

voice is vengeance

push em to the edge

took l’s ,see progression

hope you learn the lesson yeah

speak n lead

i’m speak n lead (king)

yeahh 3x

i’ll be the one to say it i don’t see potential

we need potential justice

if you don’t like it pull up with a stick

leaning on my shaq & kobe

ruthless records

awards the records

(lord knows)

- jerome whitaker young king