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juicy j – i wont miss ya lyrics


i wont miss ya

yeah… still high
still like f-ck you n-gg-s (p-ssy!)

[verse: juicy j]
i don’t play with guns but we call them toys
totin’ big straps that make a lot of noise
talking big money, n-gg-s better know it
gun never on safety, i’m paranoid
i don’t pull it out unless i’m ’bout to shoot
i got military guns, i got goons too
tryna’ find me, where your black suit
you think you gon’ catch me slippin’, you a d-mn fool
my b-tches strapped, they keep it in they purse
tryna’ ride up on me now you ridin’ a he-rs-
that trippy sh-t, i’m on another planet (mars)
n-gg-s hating on me i’m bullet proof, a phantom
ridin’ in a black car, ridin’ with a black bag
black gloves, black hoodie, ridin’ with a black mask
i know n-gg-s scared, so don’t try to flex
a couple of bullets h-t his body tore up his chest

a hundred rounds, i won’t miss ya -ss
put your -ss on a shirt saying they miss your -ss
your family miss you, your girl miss you
the n-gg-s miss you, juicy j i won’t miss ya
i won’t miss ya [x3] juicy j i won’t miss ya [repeat]



- juicy j