jyz yorke – this is namibia (childish gambino remix) 歌詞



we just wanna drink, drink till tomorrow (sip) x4

this is namibia look how we living now
knives in my area
this lil gittas are stealing and k!lling now
this is namibia look how we living now
yeah the fathers are missing huh
it’s only mother’s and little they children now
yeah yeah we fighting the poverty
yeah yeah that’s we turning to robbery
yeah yeah that is our salary
we always living off that ganga ching
corruption in politics
empty promises from the government
while people are starving and dying and suffering
we wanna take the moola and build a parliament
yeah yeah we still want our land
yeah yeah we don’t wanna pay the rent
yeah the price of the land gotta drop like when president is in that aeroplane

then we’ll be free like that
we want it to be like that
let the people speak like that
and will be free….

give what you give give it unto the lord
unto the lord
unto the lord
give what you give give it unto the lord
unto the lord
unto the lord
and the lord will give it back unto you

this is namibia, where every man of god is an apostle
give the offering to the church not to god why they sell the gospel
this is namibia, fake prophets in my area
we need a change. we need the savior
yeah yeah this the land of the brave
where the man cut her head off if she don’t behave
where some girls have some sugar daddies just to they school or purchase some brazilians
coz she don’t wanna live like that
she wanna have those things like (whoa!)
she don’t want it to be like that
she we’ll be free like

government government government
we wanna see the youth in the parliament
government government government
we are future! you know what i mean

now we drive taxis, or sell that kapana man
don’t sit down at home maak a planna man
freedom starts with the man in the mirror, this a letter to my country and the president!

we want the freedom
give us freedom x2

- jyz yorke