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krystal meyers – rescue me lyrics


swallowing this hurt
making it lie down
i’m my strongest ally, living life as i know how
i’m carrying the weight of a world that sold me out
i’m running with my eyes closed
hoping you don’t see this doubt

i’m lost for words
i’m at a loss to tell you what i need
i know there’s something more
god, help me to believe

and all this time
i thought the fight
the fight was only mine
i need to let you rescue me
i’m taking fire
i’m feeling tired
i’m tired of this fight
i need to let you rescue me

i let it go to breathe
i can’t take it anymore
i refuse to wake up one more time bleeding on the floor
i won’t let myself hold back
i’ll surrender what’s inside
you become my healing tourniquet
so i can feel alive

i feel so exposed
i’m afraid to lose total control
with nothing left to hold
you reach for me and wouldn’t let me go

[chorus 2x]

- krystal meyers