lj iii – aphrodisia 歌詞


hey w-ssup baby girl
how you doing aphrodisia?
i know
i was just trying to holla
but let me talk to you on the real girl
they gotta know what you’re made for

still remember when i told them that i had you
i was trying to act like it would make me fool-proof
i was young and didn’t understand you had rules
culture broke them made me hope i could escape too
treated like another weak end of the stick
and on the weekend made it easy for a temporary fix
tried to hide my l-st for you
especially when parents near
but you would only bring fear
i saw you implicated
even with the burgers on the television
tried to clear my mental but bombarded with the image
now i’m looking at my sister only with a hope of you
lens get me demented wishing we had never knew
but you were just being you
i could never place the blame
no matter what they do to distort you
my responsibility remains
it took some time but now i find the right pure view
you are a beautiful creation
man made claims that you make pain
but life comes from your labor
they frustrated
so they tarnish your reputation
but you were never meant to save them
i know the lies make it seem like you be saying to them

you can take your time (always seemed like you were saying to me)
i should make you mine (that’s what you sounded like, everytime)
am i what you like
freedom is found in you
create what we knew (what you sounded like) x2

i done grown and gotten older in my walk
up in college see folk think you’re calling them to give their all
different angle
i be standing with impatience
but still grateful if we never make it through
see destruction when they think they own you
caught up in the moment never in the after
no stopping ‘cause the green makes it industry
and n0body giving thought about the traffic
when they staring at the women and the children
fulfilling secret wishes that should never be as openly depicted
probably products of the rape and molestation that they did this and the cycle gets perpetuated
the rapists want in life what they see on screen
therapists see drugs for the human brain
folk who are religious keep you under chain
but you were never evil to begin
you were never zealous for promoting sin
sealer of a marriage not adulterous
heiress and a symbol of a covenant
building a relation in the intimate
keeping the commandment multiply and fill
how adam knew his wife to conceive a kid
absent in conception by the holy spirit
you would not produce who we would need to live
but one thing is clear
you are a gift
and they make it seem your role in most is choke out hope and tempt
can’t stunt
i thought you might be key to life content
‘til christ emptied himself for me for the things my heart had did
when i thought you said

you can take your time
i should make you mine
am i what you like (yeah)
freedom is found in you
create what we knew (i’d be trying to play it off)

you can take your time (yeah i heard ‘em say, know i heard ‘em say)
i should make you mine (now i treat her right)
am i what you like (yeah)
freedom is found in you (christ)
create what we knew (eternal life)

- lj iii